About us

AnotherLevel is a christian organisation passionate to share the message of God throughout the whole world, from continent to continent.

Africa have a special place in God's plan and its from the mother continent "Africa" and from
South Africa, Cape Town "the Mother city" we envision a spiritual revival fire of God burning
and spreading from Cape Town "the Mother city" throughout South Africa and up into Africa affecting the world world.  

Hallelujah being children of God.

We strive to promote to all people God's kingdom, happiness, harmony, and peace on earth.

Our heartbeat is to grow God’s kingdom, working alongside God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
to continue establishing God’s plan for man his greatest creation.

Sharing our knowledge and experience to help all God's people achieve happiness, harmony,
His awesome mercy, His favour, to experience the peace only God can give as well as to
have a wonderful meaningful productive relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

To play our part to assist all God’s people in their walk with God from birth to death.